WIll Technology Change Education?

If I were to ask you what are three belongings you couldn’t live without, what would your answer be? Majority of people will have either cell phone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, TV etc. on their list, if not more than one of them. Elderly people who grew up without these devices would probably be disgusted with the fact that we can’t live without them seeing as they did most their lives. Does that mean we depend on them too much? Is our life controlled by what devices we have and don’t have? 


If I was to make a list of the three belongings I couldn’t live without, my iPod and laptop would defiantly be the top two. Does this mean I fully depend on these devices? No. It means that I have the ability to do multiple things with each device that simplify life. For example, my laptop I use for majority of day to day activities that could be done without a laptop, the laptop just simply makes things faster and me more productive. My laptop has the ability to be my mp3 player, my TV, my GPS, my book, my DVD player, my cell phone, my communication etc. Before laptops, people used paper maps in order to get everywhere. And not only did they have to have one on them whenever they needed it, but the also had to plan out a route, have a map for the right area, and pray there would be no traffic. With my laptop, the computer plans out the fastest or shortest route within seconds, tells me how traffic is, and works for all over the world. Yes I would be able to do this all on a paper map, but my point is who would we when we have the ability to save the time and effort? The same thing applies to cell phones. I use my cell phone to communicate with friends and family, look up things online, do online banking instantly, take pictures/videos, get directions from place to place etc. All of these things were done with home phones, cameras, computers, and GPS before the cell phone existed. Again, why would you want to use four different devices to do the things you can do in one handheld device? It makes thins faster, and more convenient. 


All this being said there are defiantly some downsides to the convenience of these devices. The main one being the constant need to have these devices on us and be using them for reasons other than convenience such as Facebook and twitter on cellphones. Also, over the generations, the need/use for these devices is becoming more prominent. For example, when I was a kid I learned how to get around places using a paper map that my dad had taught me to read. When I needed to look up a definition of a word, I would go straight to the dictionary because the internet took to long to load on our dial-up, old computer. Now a days, there are kids out there who haven’t ever used a map or a dictionary, because they have never had to use one growing up; they were taught differently by their parents. Not that this is necessarily a negative thing, it just allows children to rely on these devices more than they should and if they were ever without these devices, they might not know what to do. There are even websites out there giving children steps on how to use their cell phones in class without getting caught.


The growth of cell phones, laptops, tablets etc. is only increasing, while the use of these other devices are decreasing. Kids these days spend more time on their devices than they do not on their devices. Yes, this has increased education and the way children learn by giving them faster access to information, but ides it really help them when it is such a large distraction in their lives. Who knows how this steady incline of technology will transform education, in my opinion it can go either way. 


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